This workshop is for you if any of these feel true:

  • Mealtime is a struggle
  • You feel you're giving snacks all day and don't want to
  • It's hard to tolerate your child's food protests and you end up giving in even when you don't want to
  • You worry about what your child is eating and not eating
  • You want to set your kid up for body confidence
  • You use iPads or devices to assist the eating process
  • You want to set your family up right from the start for healthy eating and food roles and responsibilities

In this workshop, Dr. Becky (@drbeckyathome) and Jennifer ( will discuss:

  • Why parenting around food is so important
  • Setting your child up for food success
  • What amount of food consumption is "normal"
  • Roles and responsibilities - for you and your child
  • How to manage protests and meltdowns around food
  • How to manage snacks and desserts with authority
  • How food interactions relate to our child building confidence and self-esteem
  • Much more!

This 75-minute interactive workshop includes 60 minutes of teaching and a 15-minute Q&A.

To be clear, purchasing a workshop does not initiate any type of therapeutic relationship with Dr. Becky. This one-time coaching workshop is not therapy and does not replace therapy.

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